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Razor-sharp script, shots race across screen in Sundance favorite

9/10 With Hollywood seemingly unable to produce more than a few movies a year without obvious gaffs, Thoroughbreds is a refreshing spurt of disciplined, technically perfect filmmaking and the birth of a new star in writer/director Cory Finley. In a … Continue reading

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The Open Bar Review – Split

Paul and I discuss James McAvoy and whether or not dissociative identity disorder is a real thing.

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McAvoy, Taylor-Joy shine in ‘Split’

Split is a sharp, tight movie about a trapped girl and her insane captor, except when it isn’t. The movie starts with social outcast Casey Cook (Anya Taylor-Joy) forced to ride home with two of her much more well-adjusted classmates, Claire … Continue reading

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The Witch trades in thrills to deliver unbelievable chills

No, it’s not the scariest movie ever made. It may, however, be the scariest movie ever made entirely about boobs. Set in the 1600s a few decades before the Salem Witch Trials, The Witch follows a Puritan family banished from their plantation over … Continue reading

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