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I demand a new ‘John Wick’ movie every year until I die.

In a November 2015 essay a month before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Disney’s first Star Wars-branded movie-product, released, an essay in Wired popularized the idea that Disney intended to make a new Star Wars movie every year until you … Continue reading

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‘The Whale’ knows exactly what it’s doing

The Whale is a difficult film to watch, not because of its heavy subject matter, but because the movie’s bad. It’s got an unconventional story structure that’s difficult to enter, it’s designed to be unpleasant, and it’s really manipulative and … Continue reading

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How come I don’t get to see any of those 3D Na’vi titties?

That’s a wrap on 2022 cinema. Oscar nominations are out, and the associated limited releases have mostly wound their way through theaters. I’m still months behind schedule, but who cares. This year’s Christmas smash hit, Avatar: The Way of Water, … Continue reading

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Many unkind things about Olivia Wilde

4/10 I like Olivia Wilde as an actress. I’ve never met her, but I’m sure she’s a very nice lady. Now that’s out of the way, Don’t Worry Darling is a lukewarm mess, not terrible, interesting enough to be as … Continue reading

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Knopp finally writes about ‘Avatar’

I started writing about movies formally in January 2010 with The Book of Eli, which released the second weekend of that year more than $20 million behind Avatar, which was in its fifth weekend. I’ve heard so much about Avatar … Continue reading

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