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Balding celebrity chef makes mid-life crisis everyone’s problem in ‘The Menu’

2/10 The Menu is a terrible, boring film that exists only to clamber up its own ass and turn left. It’s about a crazy chef who murders everybody, and the mystery is his insane and torturously metaphorical reasons for murdering … Continue reading

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‘Way of Water’ imperfect, enormous step up

7/10 If you liked Avatar, you’ll love Avatar: The Way of Water, and if you didn’t like Avatar, The Way of Water puts what the original movie is missing onscreen. More than a decade after the first film, the sky … Continue reading

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Knopp finally writes about ‘Avatar’

I started writing about movies formally in January 2010 with The Book of Eli, which released the second weekend of that year more than $20 million behind Avatar, which was in its fifth weekend. I’ve heard so much about Avatar … Continue reading

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The bust-out of Warner Bros.

Industrial-scale film distribution dates back to before World War I. In the bad old days with no way to transmit information digitally, movies had to be physically carried from Southern California outward, a supply chain that wound its way across … Continue reading

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‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Marvel’s most happy-go-lucky romp, but who cares anymore?

7/10 It’s really hard to care about post-Endgame Marvel movies. The point of these things, particularly post-pandemic, seems to be that of a soft blanket, comfort food ad infinitum. Thor: Love and Thunder could be one of the series’ most … Continue reading

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