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‘Morbius’ a disorganized, obviously incomplete disaster

1/10 Morbius would be an absolute disaster if approached as a completed movie, but the reality of it is worse. Despite having been initially slated for release way back in July 2020, the theatrical release is obviously a work in … Continue reading

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‘Shut your brain down’ and still fail to enjoy ‘Uncharted’

1/10 Wow, they really miss Pirates of the Caribbean, huh? In Uncharted, Nate Drake (Tom Holland) tentatively teams up with Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to seek the lost treasure of the Magellan Expedition – apparently, there’s a legend that … Continue reading

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‘Eternals’ vibrant plot full of big ideas held down by MCU-enforced technical weaknesses

4/10 Eternals has long been built up as a shift in direction for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and boy, is it ever. There’s a new production mentality, a new story mentality, new story directions and relaxed series rules. It’s more … Continue reading

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A strange ‘Time to Die’ for Bond in the MCU era

8/10 What a long, strange trip it’s been for James Bond in the 21st century. In No Time to Die, we rejoin Cmdr. James Bond (Daniel Craig, who also produces), retired for the third time in Craig’s run with the … Continue reading

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‘Venom 2’ is obviously incomplete and breathtakingly bad

1/10 Venom was fun enough to be enjoyable though its flaws. That kind of good will doesn’t last. San Francisco- Freelance reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy, who also has a story credit) works with the FBI to find the lost … Continue reading

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