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‘All Quiet’ adaptation fails in every way, but especially upward

2/10 Netflix’ first-ever German language adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front leads the charge of international prestige movies in 2022, releasing pre-packaged with the announcement of its submission for the 95th Academy Awards as a Laser-accurate adaptation of … Continue reading

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The bust-out of Warner Bros.

Industrial-scale film distribution dates back to before World War I. In the bad old days with no way to transmit information digitally, movies had to be physically carried from Southern California outward, a supply chain that wound its way across … Continue reading

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Checking in on Netflix’ big ‘every week’ originals push

3/10 The Adam Project is the intersection of ongoing commercial efforts from Ryan Reynolds to stay in the Deadpool character he likes so much and from Netflix to assert their ability to draw Hollywood talent. Those aren’t real reasons to … Continue reading

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Netflix’ crown jewel ‘Power of the Dog’ shines

9/10 The Power of the Dog came onto my radar around its November 2021 release as “the toxic masculinity movie,” which was an immediate turn-off because I have a lot of difficulty with that term. It’s a very specific condition … Continue reading

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Performance anxiety and real-world rage of Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’

Perusing year-end Netflix originals, I get a nagging, grim itch to revisit “Inside,” the comedy special that released to rapturous praise last May. I’d started some fights about it around the time of its release because I found it to … Continue reading

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