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Gorgeous ‘Drive my Car’ leaves a lot in the glovebox

7/10 Drive My Car is an expansive, slow-breathing odyssey across layers of performance. It’s never boring, but it’s deliberate and demands the viewer meet it halfway, and I can’t help but go away wanting more. Hiroshima, Japan, some time ago- … Continue reading

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Sad franchise happy to be resurrected in ‘Matrix 4’

8/10 Fans of The Matrix in 2003 weren’t expecting a two-part Advanced Philosophy nightmare that turned into a cartoon whenever it wanted, and in 2021, we weren’t expecting a feel-good story about true love conquering all. But it’s been a … Continue reading

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‘Dune’ is not a complete movie

1/10 Dune is not a complete film. It is a deliberately incomplete film, and despite what writer/director/producer Denis Villeneuve will tell you, the decision to only make half of it was made at the story’s expense, not its benefit. The … Continue reading

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‘Reminiscence’ blends film’s past with apocalyptic future

10/10 You shouldn’t trust me with Reminiscence. I’m weak to this film. Miami- In the near future, the ocean has swallowed the city. It’s partially held back by a sea wall several stories high, but the streets that remain are … Continue reading

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Make a different movie.

Suicide Squad (Ayer, 2016) hit theaters after more than a year of fanfare, polarizing audiences who loved and hated it for a wide breadth of reasons. Five years later to the exact weekend, The Suicide Squad (Gunn, 2021), a remake/sequel/reboot … Continue reading

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