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On ‘Tenet,’ ‘Fury Road’ and the end of blockbusters

Tenet came out on DVD Dec. 15, 2020, three months and change after its long-delayed theatrical release over Labor Day weekend. It’s still playing in 70 theaters as this is being written, I’m actually of a mind to go see … Continue reading

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‘Broken Hearts Gallery’ an authentic offering for date nights that aren’t happening

8/10 As Tenet stalked through the summer searching for a suitable release date, it had a couple of ambitious satellites following it. Unhinged, the premier film for Solstice Studios, was determined to beat the blockbuster back into theaters. Another studio, … Continue reading

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Don’t try to understand ‘Tenet,’ just feel it

9/10 God damn it’s good to be back at the movies. A fresh-faced protagonist (John David Washington) is promoted from the CIA to an international secret society called Tenet. He is introduced to “inverted” munitions, bullets made at an unknown … Continue reading

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Why ‘Tenet’ is coming out now

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic closed theaters around the globe in the winter, Warner Bros. has held firm that Tenet would hit the big screen, the clarion call that would summon audiences back to the movies in droves. Over a … Continue reading

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40-minute tantrum takes 90 minutes in ‘Unhinged’

3/10 And we’re back. In New Orleans, where only two bridges service the mighty river that bisects the metro area, Rachel Hunter (Caren Pistorius) honks her horn at a grey Super Duty stopped in front of a green light. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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