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They can’t make ‘Quality has Fallen’ puns when the quality was already pretty low

3/10 I really don’t want to think about Gerard Butler as a weirdo-James Woods type who makes movies to deliberately overcorrect for “liberal Hollywood” because he’s so talented, but it’s getting kind of ridiculous. The guy’s from Glasgow, but he’s … Continue reading

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All I hear is politics inside my brain, someone help me!

At the end of Zootopia, the diversity hire cop turns to the camera and tells the audience that profiling and racism are bad, and we need to work together to eliminate them from our society. At the end of London Has Fallen, the black … Continue reading

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Gods of Egypt, a visual-effects driven blockbuster, has some of the worst visual effects of all time

Gods of Egypt, after the first trailer dropped, was immediately scheduled for crusafixion over its casting of almost uniformly white actors in a movie about the Egyptian pantheon, which obviously should be made up of black and Arabic actors. Unfortunately, the … Continue reading

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