The Möbius strip: TMNT carries weak weekend, Rogue One reshoots steal headlines

Photo courtesy Paramount Pictures.

As expected, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows carried the week with a limp $35 million. X-Men: Apocalypse came in second, while Me Before You more than doubled its expected opening- Box Office Mojo

With Ninja Turtles disappointing, just like Apocalypse a week before, Variety asks whether or not Hollywood’s sequel-fueled rampage is running out of steam- Variety

Despite what executives seem to think, underperforming sequels is hardly a new problem- The Playlist

Me Before You should have been the story of the weekend, pulling $18.7 million when it was only expected to draw $7.7 million, but nobody seems to be talking about it. When they do talk about it, it’s about controversy — with a paraplegic main character who’s lost his lease on life, the disabilities community is up in arms over the message the film presents- Washington Post

Looking ahead, anticipated June 17 release Finding Dory is tracking for $115-$120 million. It would be Pixar’s biggest ever opening- Variety

Disney isn’t happy with director Gareth Edwards’ cut of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and they’ve ordered four weeks of reshoots for the film in July. The details look like a train wreck in progress — it’s apparently doing poorly with test audiences, but Disney is also denying having shown anyone the film. They’re saying the reshoots are to accommodate Christopher McQuarrie’s script, which was only just now finished despite principal photography taking place last August. The reshoots are expected to compromise a staggering 40 percent of the theatrical release- Screen Rant

With Emilia Clarke stirring the pot by promoting herself as a female James Bond, Susanne Bier may become the franchise’s first woman director- Den of Geek

Please don’t forget that Daniel Craig is still under contract for one more movie and all this talk about his replacement is really premature- Indiewire

Daily Mail columnist Clare Foges called for an English ban on anticipated Cannes release The Neon Demon. Director Nicolas Winding Refn is not having it- Indiewire

In a week that featured a whole host of actors in legal trouble, the biggest story is Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s dramatic divorce and the abuse allegations stemming from it. Variety details Hollywood’s history with domestic violence and asks how this will affect Depp’s reputation in the long term- Variety

The situation is fractious, to say the least. Heard is being accused of making her accusations up to blackmail Depp, and all the baggage that comes with domestic violence is coming into play- The Wrap

It’s gotten to the point that her lawyers have written publications to deny the claims that she’s blackmailing him- The Wrap

On the other side of the story, she’s asking for $50,000 a month in alimony, including $10,000 each for rent and for entertainment- The Wrap

On yet another side of the story, divorce attorneys weigh in on how leaks and media attention will affect the case moving forward- The Hollywood Reporter

Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean costar Keira Knightly is also in controversy, though not for nearly the same reason. Director John Carney, who worked with the actress on 2014 romantic comedy Begin Again, questioned her maturity and said he’d never work with a supermodel again. Several other directors have come to her defense- Variety

Carney would later apologize- Variety

Quentin Tarantino is in hot water for his casting call calling for “whores” for his next film. Somewhat ironically, the rumor is that Tarantino will only produce this project and it will be written and directed by a woman- Indiewire

They’re trying to extradite Roman Polanski to the U.S. Again. The director was convicted of unlawful intercourse with a minor in 1977 and has been in self-imposed exile ever since- Indiewire

High School Musical star Justin Martin was sentenced to 18 months in prison following a shootout with police- The Wrap

On the history of conflating gods and superheroes, which has come to a dramatic head this year with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and X-Men: Apocalypse- Den of Geek

Author/director/journalist Stephen Elliott goes in depth on the scam of festival submission fees- The Rumpus

On Chris Kyle, subject of 2014 best picture nominee American Sniper who’s military record may have been fraudulent- Texas Monthly

More than a decade later and with a potential Friends reunion on the horizon, David Schwimmer is finally moving on- Vulture

Film School Rejects was dropping bombs in its essays this week, with ones on the rabid fan reaction to Captain America’s heel- Film School Rejects

how reshoots don’t necessarily mean Rogue One is going to suck- Film School Rejects

how The Lobster skewers modern dating- Film School Rejects

and the inane tendency of comedy series to rely on dumb characters- Film School Rejects

Being hailed as a next-generation Blair Witch Project, new horror film Sickhouse is a feature-length film shot entirely on iPhones and then broken down into 10-second snippets and published in full on Snapchat- Vulture

We heard you liked senseless mass destruction divorced from any loss of life in your action movies, so we had Magneto destroy Auschwitz, so you could disassociate from mass killings while you disassociate from mass killings- HitFix

Vulture features Louise Simonson, the woman who co-created Apocalypse- Vulture

And finally, The Pitching Room brings us two video essays on foreshadowing in Edgar Wright’s 2013 comedy The World’s End- The Playlist

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