Kevin Smith, Weasley twins highlight Dallas fan expo

Kevin Smith tells the crowd of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old he loves Denton. Thanks to Jason Lee, he will be returning to Texas in September and will be doing a show in Denton. Photo by Christina Ulsh.

Alex Kelly

Over a three day event at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Downtown Dallas, the Dallas Fan Expo granted attendees and exhibitors the rare chance to interact with one another and some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Stan Lee and Kevin Smith.

The Expo took over most of the convention center’s one million square feet of exhibit space. There were world renowned cosplayers such as Jennifer Van Damsel and Cecil Grimes, TV stars like Jon Bernthal and Elden Henson, and movie icons James and Oliver Phelps, who played the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter franchise.

The Phelps twins were also part of one of the many panels that were held during the weekend. More than 50 fans were able to ask the twins anything they wanted to know, and there was not a shortage of great answers. When asked about the relationship between the young, child actors and the more experienced actors, James Phelps credited the veteran actors on the cast.

“All the adult guys were keener to share knowledge, to let us bend their ear,” he said.

Two hours after the Phelps had wrapped up their Q&A session, legendary filmmaker Kevin Smith, who created the characters Jay and Silent Bob in his movies, took to the stage with his longstanding collaborator Jason Mewes, to take part in what he is affectionately calling “Jay and Silent Getting Old.”

Among the many fun stories he shared, he started the show off by revealing that he had just been confirmed to be directing an episode of the hit TV show “The Flash” this August, which would then premiere in the upcoming Season 3. Smith had previously directed the Season 2 episode “Runaway Dinosaur,” which had a cameo from Mewes and is widely regarded as one of the best episodes of Season 2.

The real highlight of the show for Dentonites came when Smith began to share stories about his time and travels throughout the state of Texas, and he expressed particular feelings for Denton.

“My favorite place in almost all the world is Denton, Texas,” Smith said.

While there were tons of great panels and signings, there were also some great costumes and action figures on sale throughout the aisles. Pendragon Costumes, out of California, made their first stop at a Texas comic convention, and had handmade Renaissance clothing on display, where one brown jacket was on sale for $600.

A successful weekend was had by the Dallas Fan Expo, with great attendance and even greater moments provided by the assembled celebrities. As the summer continues, comic fans are starting to realize that Dallas is slowly becoming one of the best comic conventions in not only Texas, but North America.

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