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How come I don’t get to see any of those 3D Na’vi titties?

That’s a wrap on 2022 cinema. Oscar nominations are out, and the associated limited releases have mostly wound their way through theaters. I’m still months behind schedule, but who cares. This year’s Christmas smash hit, Avatar: The Way of Water, … Continue reading

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Golden Lion-winning ‘Happening’ is all about abortion, wonderful

7/10 Like many high-profile foreign films, Happening is capital “I” Important but not capital “G” Good. The newest Golden Lion winner is just as absent-mindedly charged as its recent peers, but it feels a little different this time.  Université de … Continue reading

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A guilty caricature of ‘Men’

8/10 Men is a surprisingly straightforward film about God’s hatred for women. Writer/director Alex Garland is a master of associative imagery and abstract filmmaking, and this is one of those cases where the visuals are the plot, but also individual … Continue reading

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