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‘Vengeance’ searches for the Deep South, finds West Texas

8/10 Night, West Texas, red solo cups litter the ground. A young woman is dragged away from a party to die, witnessed only by natural gas wells churning silently in the desert. Two thousand miles away, Old Glory catches on … Continue reading

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Brief notes on ‘DC League of Super-pets’

There’s no more palpable bromance in Hollywood right now than the one between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Their electricity is palpable and joyous, and the Jumanji co-stars seem to have endeavored to work together more as time has gone … Continue reading

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Improve your life with ‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’

10/10 Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes is all it takes. After his marriage dissolves, documentarian Dean Fleischer Camp (himself. Camp also writes, directs, edits and produces) moves into an Airbnb, but discovers it is already inhabited by Marcel (Jenny … Continue reading

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Old Marvel content farmers reap what they sow in ‘The Gray Man’

2/10 I’m now having to realize how strong my instinct is to spell gray with an “e” and looking at the history of the two acceptable spellings and thinking about what a trash language English is, and it’s all over … Continue reading

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Westerns can be scary too

8/10 Writer/director/producer Jordan Peele couldn’t resist releasing Nope, his follow-up to a film about doppelgangers riddled with 11:11 imagery, on a Friday the 22nd in 2022. Even his release dates are ripe with metatext. Agua Dulce, California- OJ and Em … Continue reading

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