The Möbius strip: Bond stays on top

With yet another extraordinarily weak crop of new releases, Spectre predictably held the top spot this weekend- Box Office Mojo

While it wasn’t a particularly spectacular scene, the detonation of Blofeld’s base in Spectre has now officially set the Guiness world record for largest explosion in a movie. The shot took 73 pounds of explosives and 2,224 gallons of fuel- Indiewire

Though James Bond has adapted successfully to several action movie zeitgeists over the decades, the new one — Marvel’s episodic opera — may finally push the character into outdated territory- Rolling Stone

It’s not always all about the profits. Disney is teaming up with non-profit to use Star Wars to help promote K-12 computer education- The Hollywood Reporter

Daniel Fleetwood, the terminally ill man who was granted the opportunity to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens early, died Tuesday. He was 32- Screen Rant

Lionsgate reported a net loss of $42.1 million for quarter 2 of fiscal year 2016 after American Ultra’s flop and marketing costs for The Last Witch Hunter and Sicario. Stock in the company has fallen 28 cents per share- The Wrap

In the wake of this news, Lionsgate announced it was drawing closer to a deal that would put Discovery Communications and Liberty Global CEOs in its boardroom- The Hollywood Reporter

Bill Cosby is hit with a fourth nearly identical defamation lawsuit claiming that he falsely accused the plaintiff of lying about being raped by him- The Hollywood Reporter

Examining the Sony hack one year later- Variety

SeaWorld has announced it will be closing its theatrical orca shows under mounting public pressure. Protest of the theme park began with the 2013 documentary Blackfish, which chronicled the killer whales’ treatment and aired multiple times on CNN throughout the year. SeaWorld said at the time the documentary would not affect them- The Guardian

Disney had been planning on making a fourth Aladdin movie, recreating the genie with Robin Williams’ famously ample outtakes from the original 1991 movie, but the late actor’s will stipulates these outtakes cannot be used until 2039 so that his widow and children don’t have to deal with estate penalties over his posthumous earnings- New York Post

Film and sound editor Walter Murch became the first ever official sound designer when Francis Ford Coppola bestowed him the title for Apocalypse Now. Three Oscars and several nominations later — Murch is the only person ever to receive best editing nominations for films edited on four different systems — Murch sat down with Indiewire to discuss his personal theories on film editing and look back at his iconic career- Indiewire

Additionally, here are highlights from Johnny Depp’s talk at last weekends American Film Institute festival. Depp discussed his recent film, Black Mass, as well as his troubles auditioning- Indiewire

Discovering the true story behind Trumbo, of Oscar-winning writer Dalton Trumbo’s defiance in the face of a Hollywood blacklist- Indiewire

Emma Donoghue, who wrote the novel on which A24’s Oscar favorite Room is based, talks about her inspiration for the novel and involvement with the film- The Film Stage

And finally, Peanuts Movie producer and Ghostbusters director Paul Feig talks about avoiding sequels and equal pay in Hollywood- The Wrap

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