The Möbius strip: The Martian takes another crown as another weekend flops

The Martian won the weekend again as all three new releases laid eggs. The weekend’s total, $70.1 million, is the year’s lowest, though this is predictable for a Halloween weekend- Box Office Mojo

Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock vehicles Burnt and Our Brand is Crisis finished at no. 5 with $5 million and no. 8 with $3.4 million, respectively. For Cooper, this is the second major failure of the year after May’s Aloha. For Bullock, this represents the worst wide release opening of her career- Deadline

Worse, both films were passion projects for the stars. Cooper was involved in editing and pushing for the film’s release, and Bullock loved the script so much that she pushed for producer George Clooney to make the lead character female so she could play it and waived her fee. These kinds of projects may be limited to direct-to-VOD releases in the future- Variety

Speaking of failures, Ant-Man finally hit $500 million last week- Variety

Despite most of them not making a lot of money, wide release Oscar heavyweights like Sicario and Steve Jobs have been choking limited releases all month. Suffragette is the latest victim- Indiewire

However, it looks like The Martian’s monotony driven reign will end next week, as Spectre has been rewriting U.K. records every day since its overseas release- Deadline

Star Daniel Craig, who was already one of the most popular Bond actors after his first outing in 2006’s Casino Royale, said he’d rather slit his wrists than play the character again. He’s on contract for one more installment- Time

Producer Jason Blum delivered an incredibly interesting seminar last weekend, which began with him addressing that weekend’s bomb Jem and the Holograms- Indiewire

The Hillary Clinton email scandal has made its way to Hollywood, as the last batch of emails included Ben Affleck and Lisa Kudrow- The Wrap

Despite having a very real chance at unseating Jurassic World as the year’s highest-grossing film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens still hasn’t locked down its China release- The Wrap

The nonsensical ballad of Quinten Tarantino vs. Police brutality seems to have only lasted a week. Last weekend, the filmmaker spoke at an anti-police brutality protest in New York City- Entertainment Weekly

The New York police union then threatened to boycott his future films- Indiewire

The boycott became a national movement among police unions- The New York Times

Because cops boycotting his hyper-violent, racially driven films was totally a legitimate threat, Tarantino is expected to apologize for his comments- The Wrap

Jamie Foxx has lent his support to the director- The Hollywood Reporter

Dirty Grandpa with Robert de Niro and Zac Efron got its first trailer last week. While implying that de Niro and Efron could possibly be related is one thing, that poster is an affront to the gods of cinema- First Showing

IMAX and 20th Century Fox have inked their first ever long-term deal, which includes joint releases in China for multiple of Fox’s Tentpole films- The Hollywood Reporter

Most major (and minor) Suicide Squad characters are getting their own Empire Magazine covers, despite the film still being a full 10 months away. You have to wonder what all this attention means for Batman vs. Superman, which the same studio is pushing out in March- Birth Movies Death

August’s Until Dawn employed Hollywood writers for its story, blurring the lines between film and game even further- Indiewire

Why television deserves its own indie festivals- Indiewire

Examining the wage gap in Hollowood between the stars and the rest- Indiewire

A 10 minute watch on the making of Hurricane Sandy, romantic comedy shot during the actual Hurricane Sandy in 2012- Indiewire

Producers say they will never recast Indiana Jones- i09

Martin Scorsese has extended his deal with Paramount through 2019- The Hollywood Reporter

Director Don Bluth has started a crowdfunding campaign for a full-length Dragon’s Lair movie- Film School Rejects

Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari talks about turning down a role in the Transformers series in protest of its racist subtexts- Indiewire

The Empire Strikes Back poster designer Noriyoshi Ohrai died last week, /film has collected some of his best work- /film

Poland has decided it will not extradite Roman Polanski. The heralded director has been in self-imposed exile from the U.S. since 1977 fleeing his conviction of sex with a minor- The Hollywood Reporter

40 years later, The Exorcist director William Friedkin opens up about the legendary horror film. Friedkin was honored Friday in Washington D.C.- The Hollywood Reporter

Finally, the awful Jar Jar Binks theories are gaining steam. From Reddit user Lumpawaroo, here’s how Jar Jar fits as the series’ main antagonist- Reddit

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