The Möbius Strip: ‘Kingsman’ takes a quiet weekend in photo finish

Image courtesy 20th Century Fox.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle barely took its second box office crown in a tight race with It and newcomer American Made. The three films were separated top to bottom by less than $200,000, and none made more than $20 million on the eve of next week’s hotly anticipated Blade Runner 2049- Box Office Mojo

American Made has already pulled in $81.7 million internationally after an additional week in release. Examining Tom Cruise’ spectacular track record abroad- Film School Rejects

It has driven the best September box office ever and owns several records, but after adjusting for inflation the movie is still pretty far off of several of those same records- Indiewire

As the Academy actively shifts toward a younger, more diverse membership, new inductees debate whether or not Netflix releases should be allowed to compete for the prestigious awards- Deadline

With Blade Runner almost upon us, the hype machine for the next big things has started spooling up. This week, Justice League stars pull together to clarify that this is still Zack Snyder’s movie, and that the much more respected Joss Whedon stuck faithfully to his vision unnecessary slow motion and ugly shades of brown- Screen Rant

J.J. Abrams is developing an American remake of the highest grossing anime ever, Your Name, because there is a God and he hates you- Variety

Media Res and Bron Studios have acquired the rights to David Cronenberg’s 1981 classic Scanners and are adapting it into a television series- Deadline

The Terminator franchise will be rebooted with the intentions of starting a new trilogy for, ironically, the third time in 2018. Franchise director James Cameron, who hasn’t actually directed a Terminator movie since 1991, and director Tim Miller talk about making a Terminator for the 21st Century- The Hollywood Reporter

Evan Peters discusses crafting a character based on several of history’s most famous cult leaders for the new season of American Horror Story- The Hollywood Reporter

And finally, Wisecracked delves deep into the philosophy that may have driven the failure of The Matrix Revolutions- Wisecracked

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