The Möbius strip: Finding Dory takes several animated film records, Hollywood mourns Anton Yelchin

Image courtesy Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios.

As expected, Finding Dory took over the record for opening weekend for an animated movie with $135 million. The other newcomer, Central Intelligence, got off to a modest $35.5 million and is looking at a domestic run of more than $100 million. None of the week-old releases managed to break $15 million- Box Office Mojo

Additionally, it took the single-day record for animated movies with $55 million. Both records were taken from 2007’s Shrek the Third- The Wrap

Finding Dory was also tops abroad with $50 million- Variety

Despite its continued struggles in the U.S., Warcraft broke another Chinese record last week when its VOD rights for the country were sold for ¥120 million — about $18 million — a record for films imported to the country- Variety

Buoyed by its success in China, it became the highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time over the weekend- Screen Rant

Sadly, the weekend’s biggest news was the tragic death of Anton Yelchin, who was run over by his own car, which was found in neutral and rolled down after him on his steeply inclined driveway. He was 27- Variety

Yelchin was a genius, and critical acclaim followed him wherever he went. His death resulted in an outpouring of support from the massive group of filmmakers he’d worked with over a short career- Business Insider

Jeremy Saulnier, who directed Yelchin in his most recent appearance, Green Room, penned an entire piece for Indiewire. Yelchin will appear in a whopping five posthumous releases, starting with this summer’s Star Trek Beyond- Indiewire

While Yelchin may have died to his own carelessness at first glance, the Jeep Grand Cherokee in question was recalled last April after numerous complaints of it shifting itself from park into neutral. This is the only known fatality related to the issue- Fox News

Leonardo DiCaprio was ordered to testify last week in the ongoing $50 million defamation lawsuit leveled at his 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. Andrew Greene, who was renamed Nicky “Rugrat” Koskoff and played by P.J. Byrne in the movie, is alleging he was defamed by it- Huffington Post

In a strange move, Stefano Sollima has confirmed that a second sequel to Sicario is already being pulled together before cameras even start rolling on the first sequel, Soldado, which Sollima is directing. The idea is to create an anthology of three stand-alone installments from three different directors set in the same world following the same characters. This alleviates concern over director Denis Villeneuve not returning after being so integral to what was one of 2015’s best films, and it’s a really cool idea that more sequels should and are — Star Wars, DC movies — taking after, it’s just strange to see two sequels already announced for a movie that only pulled in $84 million despite intense critical acclaim- The Independant

European VOD company Sky Movies announced it will be rebranding as Sky Cinema on July 8, and begin offering a new movie every day from that point on- The Hollywood Reporter

Warner Bros. has suffered a string of expensive flops over the past year and a half — Jupiter Ascending, Pan, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice relative to expectations — and is restructuring its box office philosophy to focus more on franchises and take fewer risks. While the storied studio is definitely in trouble, this isn’t the first time they’ve had a long string of failure. Den of Geek revisits their horrendous summer of 1997- Den of Geek

Hollywood Reporter explores why all movie posters look the same- The Hollywood Reporter

Independence Day: Resurgence releases next week 20 years after the first film. The same amount of time has passed in-universe, and Screen Rant is here to catch you up on what’s happened in that interval- Screen Rant

And finally, Matt Zoller Seitz takes us through how comedy has taken over from drama as the dominant Television genre- Vulture

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