Sights and thoughts of Fan Expo Dallas

Christina Ulsh

Fan Expo, Dallas’ rendition of Comic Con, had television actors, comic book cosplay and, most relevant to our cause, movie icons. Joan and John Cusack sat in adjacent booths as they signed autographs. Stan Lee had arguably the longest line and the tightest “No photos!” security. Some fans showed their ardor by paying between $35 and $200 to get pictures with their favorite celebrities. Others literally wore their fandom on their sleeve at an onsite tattoo booth. Watch as we talk to fans about movies and go to celebrity panels. Voice of Goofy Bill Farmer offers voice acting tips. The Weasley twins share how their muggle identities were sorted. Boy-king terror Jack Gleeson tells us who he’d rather be trapped in a room with. Marc Okrand offers insight into his creation of Klingon. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes wrap up the convention with their show, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

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  1. Rusty says:

    I was struck by the hosnety of your posting

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