The Möbius strip: Mockingjay disappoints, new releases disappoint further

Part two of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay won the weekend with maybe the first disappointing $100 million opening ever. The film was predicted for north of $120 million. Other new releases, The Night Before and Secret in Their Eyes, also underperformed with just $10.1 million and $6.6 million, respectively- Box Office Mojo

The movie’s $101 million is the lowest opening of the four-part franchise, 17 percent below part one, which released around the same time last year. Critical scores and fan excitement have dwindled as the series progressed- Variety

Already in trouble, Lionsgate stock took another hit today after the disappointing opening- The Hollywood Reporter

Weeks after star Jennifer Lawrence called out Hollywood on equal pay grounds, she is ranked its most valuable star for the second year running- Vulture

In a related story, Lawrence’s lascivious, womanly form has been banned from Mockingjay posters in Jerusalem, because she’s a lady and it’s just too sexual- Variety

However, the week’s biggest news came Tuesday when embattled actor Charlie Sheen revealed that he was diagnosed as HIV-positive four years ago. Sheen said he does not know when he contracted the virus- New York Times

Though Sheen said he had been forthcoming about his status, it was promptly revealed that six recent sex partners plan to sue him, saying that he had not disclosed his status to them. There could be more on the way- Washington Times

Though it is unclear if she is among the plaintiffs, who remain unnamed, one of Sheen’s former lovers Bree Olson publicly lambasted the actor, saying he told her he was clean and they had had unprotected sex almost every day for a year sometime after Sheen said he was diagnosed. Olson said she is HIV-negative- Howard Stern

Legal experts say that Sheen has good prospects against criminal and even civil suits- The Wrap

New York personal injury attorney Eric Turkewitz explains the difficulty women wanting to sue Sheen may face- The Hollywood Reporter

Sheen said he made the revelation because he was being extorted for $10 million. Though he was not specific, it is widely assumed this extortion threat was made by a sex worker, and that Sheen regularly has relations with sex workers. This has turned some of the spotlight toward HIV’s effect on the sex worker community- Washington Post

Presumably, a major celebrity revealing his positive status would be a boon to the 35 million HIV-positive people worldwide. Mirror examines how Sheen’s revelation affects this population and how the views on HIV have changed over the years since it was last a majorly publicized disease- Mirror

International production troupe AMBI pictures announced early in the week they’ll be remaking 2000 cult hit Memento. The news was not well-received- The Wrap

1967 classic The Graduate and Charlie Chaplin favorite The Kid will be added to the Criterion Collection in February- Indiewire

Meadow Walker, Paul Walker’s daughter, filed a wrongful death suit against Porsche in September over the actor’s November 2013 death. Porsche claimed this week that Walker was at fault for his own death. The auto company is facing a similar suit from Kristine Rodas, widow to Roger Rodas who was killed in the same one-car wreck. Rodas was driving- The Wrap

Indiewire talks with Secret in Their Eyes director Billy Ray about remaking a foreign language movie he was “in awe” of- Indiewire

The Danish Girl star and reigning Best Actor winner Eddie Redmayne talks about the changing views on transgender persons, which have finally allowed the new biopic about the first person ever to undergo sex reassignment surgery to hit the screen after a decade of production hell- The Hollywood Reporter

After Lionsgate and Universal went wide too soon with Oscar favorites Sicario and Steve Jobs and both ended up tanking at the box office, A24 and Open Road Films are hoping to dodge that pitfall with similarly acclaimed films Room and Spotlight- Deadline

As 2015 draws to a close, Alisha Grauso examines the year’s biggest flops and what made them fall so far- Film School Rejects

“I didn’t know what the hell I was doing-” In a new feature for the extended edition of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Peter Jackson and several assistant directors open up about their lack of preparation and how it affected the production- Screen Crush

Independent films struggle by definition, generally not appealing to enough viewers to pull a profit. However, in Finland, a new pattern is emerging — the weirder the film, the better the box office- Indiewire

And finally, Nerdwriter chimes in with a fantastic video essay on bodies and individuality in David Cronenberg’s 2007 film Eastern Promises- 

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