The Möbius strip: Bond, Brown finally crash The Martian’s party

In a predictable weekend box office race, popular newcomers Spectre and The Peanuts Movie took first and second place with $73 million and $45 million. The Martian dropped below second place for just the first time in its six-week run with $9.3 million- Box Office Mojo

Star Daniel Craig has made a lot of noise about being fed up with the 007 series, but few actors have fared well after holstering the Walther- Variety

As many scribes scrambled to rank all the previous 007 movies in the runup to Spectre’s American release, Christopher Campbell remarks on how hard even that has become- Film School Rejects

The critically acclaimed Steve Jobs was one of the movie’s supposed to take a bite out of The Martian’s October reign, but the film failed miserably, opening at no. 7 and quickly falling out of the top 10. Interestingly, its performance is on par with 2013’s Jobs, which was critically panned- The Hollywood Reporter

As if its commercial failure weren’t enough, Universal is being sued over the film for its use of a picture of a shark, which scuba diver and original photographer Carl Roessler didn’t give them permission to use- The Hollywood Reporter

The film was not writer Aaron Sorkin’s first encounter with Steve Jobs. Apparently, the late entrepreneur asked Sorkin to write a Pixar movie, and Sorkin has kept the idea for a pitch all these years- Indiewire

Expected to apologize for his remarks about police brutality last week, Quinten Tarantino said he wasn’t intimidated by a national boycott threat- Indiewire

The police unions, obviously, were disappointed to not receive their apology- The Hollywood Reporter

From there, the story continued to grow. The Wrap sat down with protest organizer Carl Dix, who told them police were behaving like the mafia- The Wrap

National president of the Fraternal Order of Police Chuck Canterbury published a guest column in The Hollywood Reporter, saying that Tarantino is race-baiting and had built a career on racially driven movies, and that this move will help his next movie’s bottom line. Canterbury defended the national police force, saying 74 percent of police-involved shootings occur when the officer has already been threatened with a weapon of some kind- The Hollywood Reporter

Crisis management experts are split as to whether this will all play out in Tarantino’s favor or if he should make some kind of apology or effort to change the controversy’s direction- The Wrap

However, it should only be good news for the film’s international box office, as many European countries agree whole-heartedly with Tarantino’s view of the U.S. police forces’ recent indiscretions- The Hollywood Reporter

Executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police Jim Pasco dialed the creepiness of this situation all the way up to 11 yesterday, when he told Tarantino, “We’ve got a surprise coming for you-” Business Insider

Viggo Mortensen, who was almost cast in The Hateful 8 and has now decided to ride Tarantino’s coattails back into the spotlight another way, supported the director- Democracy Now!

Unaware of Mortensen’s comments, director Michael Moore used the situation to remind everyone that he’s a self-agrandizing prick even by Hollywood standards- The Hollywood Reporter

In a recent bit of business where his opinion actually matters, Moore is taking on the MPAA over its rating of his new documentary, Where to Invade Next- Indiewire

Cinemark has banned fake weapons and, along with AMC, has banned face covering cosplays at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premier. Regal and AMC had already banned simulated weapons following the 2012 Dark Knight Rises shooting- The Wrap

Speaking of cosplay, rumor has it that Disney will be discontinuing Princess Leia’s massively popular gold bikini look from Return of the Jedi. This move has interesting implications for Star Wars as a family-friendly enterprise and as a more diverse franchise- Screen Rant

In less grim and more impressive news, Disney has pushed the tie-in novel back from just before the film’s release to three weeks after to avoid spoilers- Screen Rant

According to producers, the dilution of on-screen talent to television is the worst it’s ever been- The Hollywood Reporter

The Securities and Exchange Commission has loosened the rules on crowdfunding, and now allow donors to see some of the profits if the project they fund makes it. This completely changes the face of independent film financing- Indiewire

Basically every animated film released this year, from Hotel Transylvania 2 to SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge out of Water, has been submitted to the academy for best animated feature- The Hollywood Reporter

Emma Watson’s Toronto Film Festival Hit Colonia has been picked up by Screen Media Films for U.S. release- The Hollywood Reporter

From the same festival, The Orchard has acquired Demon. The film seemingly uses demonic possession as a metaphor for depression. Co-writer/director/producer Martin Wrona was hanged in a likely suicide a week after the film’s premier- Indiewire

From South by Southwest earlier in the year, Roadside Attractions has acquired Katie Holmes-starrer Touched with FireIndiewire

Director Nicholas Winding Refn’s next feature, The Neon Demon, has been picked up by Amazon. The link also features an hour long talk with Refn- The Film Stage

X-Men Apocalypse has brought in Hugh Jackman for reshoots. While it may have been part of the plan, Fox’s recent Fant4stic fiasco looms large- /Film

NO NO NO NO NO NO- Coming Soon

Lost in the waves of announcing the new TV series, a fourth Star Trek movie has been scheduled for 2019- Indiewire

They’re turning John Wick into a virtual reality experience- Screen Rant

After staying out of the headlines for a week, Jennifer Lawrence is back to say her pay gap comments are inspired by her Hunger Games character, because someone from Lionsgate thought that would be nice- Reuters

Bill Cosby will be deposed for Janice Dickinson’s defamation lawsuit by the end of the month- The Wrap

Writer/director/producer/star Angelina Jolie Pitt’s new movie By the Sea was inspired by a memory of visiting her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, in the hospital in 1999 as Bertrand had to have her ovaries removed. She would eventually die of breast and ovarian cancer eight years later at 56. Along with husband and co-star Brad Pitt, Jolie Pitt opens up about her own cancer scare earlier this year- The Hollywood Reporter

With the 50th anniversary of his feature film debut in French film Trois Chambers á Manhattan coming Tuesday, Joy star Robert De Niro talks about the beginnings of his legendary film career- Variety

Location manager Douglas Dresser talks about the difficulties they had finding the proper shooting locations for The Revenant- Indiewire

Investigative journalist turned writer/director Peter Landesman talks about working with Will Smith and not working with the NFL on Concussion- The Hollywood Reporter

Bennett Omalu, the real-life doctor on whom the film is based, also talks about the NFL, which the film portrays stalking him- The Hollywood Reporter

Director Tom McCarthy talks about his upcoming Oscar heavyweight, Spotlight- Coming Soon

Leah Remini is publishing a book about Scientology. Needless to say, she has some fun stories to share about Tom Cruise- Vulture

The Pixies’ scuba-diving anthem “Where is my mind?” has made several major appearances in film as kind of an anarchist duck call. Indiewire tracks the song’s bizarrely long reach- Indiewire

A long-lost interview David Lynch gave about his massively influential 1977 film Eraserhead has been found- Indiewire

Here’s a new 35-minute documentary from Gary Leva about the trouble they had shooting 1942 classic CasablancaIndiewire

And finally, some of Screen Junkies’ best work yet- Youtube

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