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‘The Whale’ knows exactly what it’s doing

The Whale is a difficult film to watch, not because of its heavy subject matter, but because the movie’s bad. It’s got an unconventional story structure that’s difficult to enter, it’s designed to be unpleasant, and it’s really manipulative and … Continue reading

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The more things stay the same from ‘X’ to ‘Pearl’

8/10 In March, A24 released writer/director/editor/producer Ti West’s X, a time capsule of a slasher film set in 1979 in which amateur pornographers run headfirst into exactly the kind of sadistic murderers who would fill the void pornography was about … Continue reading

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All the awful ‘Bodies’

2/10 Bodies Bodies Bodies attempts to be insightful and fails, a movie that isn’t completely without merit, but is less interested in bringing its merits to the foreground than it is in having a good time despising itself and its … Continue reading

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‘You Won’t Be Alone’ slides silently through theaters, one of year’s best

9/10 You Won’t Be Alone made a little more than a quarter million in theaters, but what’s the point of writing about movies all the time if I’m not going to make time for one of the year’s best pictures. … Continue reading

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‘Everything Everywhere’ closer to one thing in one place

5/10 They say the two things you can’t avoid are death and taxes. Even in a movie about jumping through the multiverse, one that built an advertising campaign around introducing the concept to audiences, the characters can’t find their way … Continue reading

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