The Möbius strip: Back to the top of the charts

After 15 years, Back to the Future won the box office again last night, if only for that one night- The Hollywood Reporter

The earliest reviews are in for next month’s Spectre, and people are saying it’s much like Skyfall, for better or worse- Slash Film

Ever want to work with Maggie Gyllenhaal? Now’s your chance- Indiewire

Netflix is being sued for streaming 1948 Italian classic The Bicycle Thief. Basically, though the film itself is in the public domain, Corinth Films is claiming the English subtitled version is not- The Hollywood Reporter

A New Hampshire Film Festival round table on how to distribute an independent film- Indiewire

David O. Russell, who directed American Hustle and is about to get started on the media tour for Joy, which sees him working with Jennifer Lawrence again, responds to the actress’ recent column on the Hollywood wage gap- The Hollywood Reporter

Analyzing why Guillermo del Toro films almost always fail despite critical acclaim- Film School Rejects

Interesting essay on romance in the work of late French filmmaker Maurice Pialat- The Film Stage

A just as interesting history of Horror-comedy- Vulture

And finally, an adorable recap of the Paranormal Activity series in preparation for the “final” movie’s release tonight-

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