The Möbius strip: Marty McFly endorses Reel Entropy


In case you haven’t heard enough about Back to the Future, here’s the story of the franchise from the people who put it together- Empire

With many hoping for a Sanders vs. Trump election so they can make Doc Brown vs. Biff jokes, Back to the Future writer Bob Gale confirms that the bully was based on Trump all along- The Wrap

A quick rundown of the most important films leaving Netflix in November- Indiewire

Speaking of Netflix, it looks like Youtube is trying to take it on- Indiewire

New DVD releases this week- Coming Soon

Batman vs. Superman may become the most expensive movie ever made- Comic Book Movie

Jack Reacher 2 began production yesterday- Games Radar

Libyans are speaking about against Michael Bay’s new Benghazi movie- The Hollywood Reporter

After a rough go of things behind the scenes, Natalie Portman’s Western love/revenge story finally has its first trailer, and it looks terrific- Slashfilm

In the wake of Jennifer Lawrence’s column on unequal pay in Hollywood, here’s top California lawyer Geoffrey DeBoskey on why equal pay is still a long way off- The Hollywood Reporter

What happens when the entire writing staff is white- Indiewire

And finally, here’s three gorgeous auteur portraits from designer Julian Rentzsch- The Film Stage

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