Lauren Bacall dies

“The look”

Golden age actress Lauren Bacall had a massive stroke today and died in her home. She was 89.

Bacall was a star in several film noir pictures and comedies during the late ’40s and ’50s after her debut in To Have and Have Not. She would later earn critical acclaim on the stage of musicals in the 1970s and her role in 1997’s The Mirror has Two Faces.

Bacall is remembered for her calling card, “the look.” Shooting To Have and Have Not, she was nervous and quivering. To disguise it, she pressed her chin into her chest and angled her eyes upward toward the camera. Her career tailed off after the 1950s, but she is remembered as an icon of the golden age of movies.

Bacall had three children with two husbands between 1949 and 1961.

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1 Response to Lauren Bacall dies

  1. V.E.G. says:

    Well done, Lauren. Rest in peace. May her memory be eternal! Due to the passing of Robin Williams, the media paid little attention to the passing of this brilliant actress, Lauren Bacall.

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